Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pacific Coast

This is how Santa Claus and his flying reindeer came to be. Amanita muscaria contains both toxins and hallucinogens - and the first one to eat it acts as a filter, absorbing most of the toxins. The first one? For thousands of years it was a fairly common practice to drink the urine of the first one to eat it. Sometimes it was a person's urine - but more often likely, it was the urine of deer and reindeer. To the indigenous tribes of Northern Europe reindeer are like the Salmon - crucially important to survival (skins used for clothing and yurts, meat for food, milk) and understandably they've entered the spiritual domain. Reindeer search out Amanita and are said to stomp (prance) and flounder on the spot where the mushroom heads grew. It's believed that Amanita ingestion caused people to see their beloved reindeer flying through the sky pulling a man wearing what was the standard mushroom-picking garb of the day and his sleigh (the big dipper is the chariot of several Greek and Norse gods as well). The big dipper and the rest of the stars rotate around the North star (pole star->north pole, hey!) every 24 hours, the time it takes Santa to circle the modern globe. Well, Santa and his tribe had to come from somewhere, and I don't believe they're from any of The Books.

Way out west.

Lanphere Reserve, CA.

Samish Bay, Padilla Bay, The Strait.

(These two are a little east and a few feet higher than the coast)

Redwood sorrel, Oxalis oregana