Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On a starry night

southern sky

stars and the bright sky over seattle

Shed field under moonlight

August's dry nights. About 11 months too few. OK but for the plants. Is my soul so different from the physiology of west side plants? Good chance.



Market, fruits, and seeds

The cream

Come one come all!

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Lupulin., a yellow powder inside hops, contributes most of the bitterness to a beer. The more lupulin, the more bitter. Hops is a mulberry too? yep.

First harvest drying on a 20x40 windowscreen = 6oz dried = 15 gallons of beer

egg plants

rooster on scarecrow, end of raspberry trellis

equipment and produce


suspended leverage. potential leverage. former l . . . ancient l . . rusty, salvageable, future.

bracing on stability (for the temporary--long-term shut down)
locked up (rusting in the shed)

photo rights agribon? TM flea beetle block, rust fly block

ice cream isaac criseam maac!!

Tomato sauce

sweet himalayan jam

rooster wine frog

atotal cock

control invasive blackberries with love. Do not let a berry drop. The Blackberry Reconsideration and Appreciation League.

Dave and Erica: Good beer.

One member of the eastern quatermaster seep block 7 pacific tree frogs. By late winter they're looking for a mate and the air creaks all evening and night. The rest of the solar cycle they eat and stay cool in the squash, potato, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and tall grass. And pray on beans.

memories and death

we got married there last week...

down "the lane in summer that looks so different than it does in winter" she carries two baskets of common hazelnuts which were, determined to be, upon inspection, after cracking the shells of the full harvest, to be undeveloped and a total crop failure, (crop failure year, CFY HZL2010). Steller's jay did not deviate though. the he's and she's moved over 10,000 nut clusters (my estimate) (usually 3 nuts/cluster) to, i suspect, their caches. I also suspect, and fear, that they are now recognizing that the effort was for naught - and survival will be affected.

Jen, grey cat the lover and killer, and inde. And, oh, who's this?

country girl with the dec. rodent

Problem with cats: undiscrimance. And grey cat'sabout as cool a cat as can be. shoot. But Engineers - Stay tf away!

garlic and fruit

mother and daughters on the ol' garlic trim-tray.
Jen's family=ExraordinarilyHelpful.

chillin' on vashon's venice beach. burton across the way would be .. Japan. surf's down.

William's Pride? Akane? Holstein? Karmijn de Sonnaville? Liberty? Gravenstein? Elstar? Honeycrisp? Early Fuji? Spartan? Red Jonagold? Transparent? Gala? Ginger Gold? Empire? King? Cameo? Pink Lady? Granny? newcomers we are andunno.

melon crop. outdoors and still produced this year, though each was small. Sprawling and do better in heat, the black plastic works well to collect temperature and suppress weeds in-tight. Jen seeded the uncovered paths with a clover. This week, we pulled the final harvest and the plastic and put the chickens on it. The field needs nutrients and organic matter, but the texture is just fine.

our neighbor Gene is our conduit to Vashon's recent and ancient history and this plot of land's history. (and a genuinely neat guy). He tells us that these are planted in the 50's. During intern interviews, Jen had prospective prospectors brush cut invasive blackberry canes out of the grape row. Tom Rizocki built a post and wire trellis and Gene pruned them on the 3and5 pattern, a good pattern for these American (slip-skin) grapes. Gene the other month gave an arrowhead he found on Vashon to the University of Washington after an archeologist from there informed him it was made 8,000 years ago (6000 bce). take time-out to wonder what their lives were like. free yourself up for 5 minutes. lay down, maybe?

summer gone by

early summer fava beans

late summer dill heads


mulberry hounds, the cedar waxing family.

three-day indoor harvest

succulent sweet morsels, waiting for sale