Sunday, December 12, 2010



Garlic over-wintering under two layers of insulation

The farmhouse

Jen surveying the freeze's affect in the brassica field

We try to harvest the kiwis after the first frost then let them ripen throughout the winter. The first frost this year was a deep freeze by western Washington standards and these kiwis are mush. Fortunately our buyer was going to puree them anyway.

An old picture of the house shows an atrium extending off the house's first floor with the kiwi climbing up over its roof.

View to the NE.

Packing the washed eggs. Washing eggs results in a quickened spoil rate, but we don't think buyers would like the poop smears. Right?

winding down

Detail of a


The remains of the annual cider pressing.


Turnips were almost a staple over the winter.

autumn tasks

pie pumpkins

a variety of winter storage crops.
Jen seeding in the winter cover crop of rye and legume. I swear I work too.

Dill drying for seed.

Anything new to entertain and relieve the stress on our feed bill.

The 'summer' ended early (and started late) but the green tomatoes ripened off the vine and we were able to use and sell them into September.

Jen and Isaac stringing up peppers for storage.

I nice change from the field work.

More harvest


Fall-time harvests