Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nighttime in the hen house

Volunteers led by Kati Green assembling the makeshift purlins for the new cold frames.

Ancient line of visitors

Great blue herons have stationed themselves beside the ponds all winter, hunting for frogs. Late March and early April is breeding time and the birds have been perching atop nearby trees. The other night, I thought I heard a wicked cat fight outside, and since the farm cat is coming off a bloody fight with infections and puss, I ran outside to see if I could break it up and protect her. I let the shephard out too, thinking she'd find them quick and disrupt the conflict. As we approached the commotion, however, the participants let out another squak, an old, dinosaur-like broken croak from up in the trees - not cats - I think it was heron love, or at least the physical kind.

April 8th - tree swallows arrive.

2011 fruit tree flower show

Farm class

Seeds in and the last harvest of fall crops

Attempting to welcome spring